Biking Vs. Driving..What say you?

As the media bombards our waking minds every morning with news stories about rising gas prices, health care costs and the eminent global warming crisis, many people have found themselves scrambling to find practical solutions for their every day worries. It is no secret that financial issues have become one of the major issues plaguing the collective consciousness of the world we live in today. Financial hardship has been linked to stress and hypertension which leading medical experts say can exasperate health conditions that would otherwise go UN-noticed. It is also important to know that our environment plays a key role in how we determine the quality of our lives. In this piece, we are go

The sky is the limit.

By Danny Jackson My question is, do you really know what you want? I ask myself the same question every morning when I wake up. What do I want to accomplish today and what am I going to do to accomplish it? There is an old cliche that a mentor use to say to me that says If you fail to plan then you plan to fail. So my question to myself and you is what are you going to do to accomplish your goals and what are you willing to sacrifice in order to accomplish them? This question brings us closer to a very important intersection in the mind which is the question ” Why am I doing this?” . Why do I want to do this? What are the motivations that drive me to aspire to a new level of accomplishment?

Whats your process?

Do you ever feel like there are so many things in life that you want to experience and accomplish but you don’t know how you will get there? If you feel this way then I have something to tell you. You can achieve anything you put your mind to but it comes with a cost. Are you willing to pay the cost? The most valuable commodity in this life we lead is time. How are you spending your time? When asking yourself this type of question it is important to examine examples of those “trail blazers” in life who have reached the highest heights in their profession and what they did to accomplish their dreams. A lot of times you will find that they spent countless hours perfecting their craft. Hard wor

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