The sky is the limit.

By Danny Jackson

My question is, do you really know what you want? I ask myself the same question every morning when I wake up. What do I want to accomplish today and what am I going to do to accomplish it? There is an old cliche that a mentor use to say to me that says If you fail to plan then you plan to fail. So my question to myself and you is what are you going to do to accomplish your goals and what are you willing to sacrifice in order to accomplish them? This question brings us closer to a very important intersection in the mind which is the question ” Why am I doing this?” . Why do I want to do this? What are the motivations that drive me to aspire to a new level of accomplishment? People have many different reasons.

Personal growth is a fundamental necessity that nest’s in the most basic thoughts as it relates to life and happiness. It is important to know yourself and what makes you happy. It is important to know what kind of food your body likes, what room temperature you are most comfortable in, what kind of music you enjoy listening to and what type of people you want to be around on a consistent basis. All these things have a direct impact on the person you are currently becoming. It’s important to understand that each experience you have in life holds an intrinsic value that can never be duplicated again because there is only one of you. So you must choose wisely the why . Now you want to look at the bigger picture and see where that path leads. Look out into the horizon of your own mind and view whats ahead. Do you like what you see? If you do then you are likely on the right path .

What are you putting in your mind? What are you reading? What are you watching online or T.V.? What kind of music are you listening to ? What kind of messages are you allowing yourself to receive? One thing is for sure. The answer to those questions represent the things in your life that influence you the most. It is imperative that you identify these influences and assess whether or not they line up with how your life is playing out in real time.

Once you know your influences you must identify what value they add to your life. What is it about the song or the speech or the show that speaks to your personal experience in life? Does it inspire you? Inspires you to do what? Does it make you feel warm inside? What about it makes you feel warm? Was it the passion of the speaker? Are you passionate about the same subject? If you can understand this then you can start reinforcing your strengths and acting on the thoughts related to your answer and start seeking out other people who want the same things and have the same interests that you have on a higher level than you are currently on. Only when you become conscious of this will you truly began to direct your own person which will bring you closer to identifying your why. You will be able to choose what you want to do in life based on the principles that you have selected to guide your path. It is no longer good enough to think you can now you must know it.

Change is the only constant in life. Change can be abrupt or can happen over time but the one thing that remains the same is that it is constantly happening on every level. Every decision we make leads down a path. On every path there are values that will either add to or subtract from our life span. The time that we spend on our journey is never returned to us. So never go backwards. Always move forward. Time is your most valuable asset yet once it is gone we can never get it back. You spent a certain amount of time on every path that you have chosen through out your life. It is important to take something from every experience you have to add value to the time that you have spent. You can only do that in the present.

The present is an opportunity to realize your dreams. It is the gift of life. It is the most lucrative field of thought. There was at one point in time, your past, which was your present. Can you see yourself in that moment? That which seems like a moment now then seemed like an eternity. Understanding this we must re collect our thoughts to see the opportunity that we are gifted with everyday. It’s a chance to alter our own path and to author our own stories and live out our dreams. Our dreams are our thoughts..What are you doing to help your mind produce the thoughts that will in turn manifests as actions you take in your life to get you where you want to go?

Take the opportunity to invest your time in the direction that you want to grow . Add value to every moment by being open to new ideas and perspectives as it relates to your interests. Listen to the moral compass that you’ve developed throughout your life’s experience based on the guides or influences that you have chosen. The most important thing is learn to have fun doing it . Life is too short. Choose your own fate ! Don’t let someone else choose it for you!

© 2023 by Danny E Jackson. 

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