Politics and Real Life

Where should I began? Politics or Real Life? It seems that there is in our society a number people who no longer know the difference. I'm not completely innocent either.This makes me sad. I'll tell you a story.

I busted my knee up pretty bad playing basketball over in Hamlin Park on the North side of Chicago a couple of weeks ago. It was a surreal moment laying there helplessly on the asphalt court holding my knee together. The ambiance was that of a Saturday afternoon come to a screeching halt. Even the tee ball game going on in the park stopped for a moment to view the disturbance that was me on the basketball court. What was most memorable was not the pain or humiliation but the instant realization that occurred the moment my leg snapped. SOMEBODY CALL A DOCTOR JESUS!!..

Politics or Real Life:

The ambulance arrived and scraped me off the ground and carted me to the Emergency room. My EMT was an older man with a thick New York accent suave in all his worldly views. He had a lot to say. I definitely applaud his ability to divert my attention away from my mangled knee. They took me to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center's emergency room. I can remember so vividly being wheeled on a gurney into the emergency room and looking out at what seemed to be what I could only describe as an organization of excellence within diversity. I can remember feeling like I was in good care. I was whisked over to the x-ray lab to take x-rays of my knee. Sam was my tech who took the x-rays. Sam spoke with a twang that put off a street sense leading me to believe he probably plays ball too and maybe even has a musical side. Cool dude.

After we got the x-ray a nurse wheeled me to another room where I waited....and waited...and waited.. and then my Co worker Carl walked in. Carl deserves a full paragraph in description but we'll just say "Playa playa from Miami by way of NYC". We met up to play ball that day. He drove my car to the hospital for me. We chopped it up in conversation for a while and then Dr Whitney walked in. I can't say enough about her. She was extremely smart and professional and above all she was really nice. Everyone was really nice. She explained to me that I wouldn't be moving my leg without help for a few months and to prepare to have surgery. She gave me a referral to Dr. Greenberg my surgeon.


It can be a shock to the system how sudden your life can change. The little things in life that we take for granted everyday become all the more clear when you lose the use of an important limb such as your leg. I didn't anticipate or even consider that I would ever have to deal with an injury like this. As a matter of fact, I was completely oblivious to the risks and unaware of how frail the human body really is. Luckily for you and I there are still great people with big hearts who sit around all day waiting to help in the event of an emergency. That's REAL LIFE, the fact that people are inherently good. People help one another during hard times without thinking twice. It's still going to cost you though. THAT'S POLITICS.

I was able to get into Dr. Greenberg's office for my first consultation that following Friday . I met his nurse Yvette who was very informative and friendly. She put me right at ease and told me that we were going to get my knee fixed right up. Yvette asked me the routine health questions and informed me that the doctor would see me in a minute.The doctor walked in and I noticed immediately how well dressed he was. He smiled and asked me what was wrong with my knee. I explained what happened and explained that I had spoken to Dr. Whitney who informed me that I had a ruptured patella tendon. He had me take my knee immobilizer off and proceeded to explain how he was going to repair the knee. After he explained the surgery I was again put at ease. He then explained to me that Yvette would be scheduling the surgery for me.

A week passed and the day of my surgery finally arrived. My mom drove me to the new Advocate surgical center. We checked in and a few minutes later I was escorted into the pre op center and placed in a room. I cannot stress how friendly everyone was at Advocate. Being that I did not have insurance I thought that I was going to be mistreated badly but that was not the case at all. They made me feel right at home and really put me at ease. Everyone there kept the conversation going up to the point when I was being wheeled into the operating room. The last thing I remember before going under was my excellent surgeon Dr. Martin Greenberg telling me that my goal was 90 degrees. The next thing I know is I am waking up in another room amidst nurses joking about the remarks I made after surgery. Apparently, I didn't know that the surgery had already taken place and I had asked when the surgery was going to begin. I can see the humor in that. The surgery was successful!

That weekend a pretty cool guy who will remain unnamed (at his request) delivered a CPM from Premier Medical Products to my house. He gets a 5 star rating and so does Premier. Not only did he explain the science behind the machine but he set it up for me and he helped me out on the rental pricing. Again, somebody coming to the rescue and completely blowing me away with their courtesy and care.


I would never advise anyone to go without insurance but it just so happened that due to unexpected circumstances my policy lapsed. When I initially hurt my knee I sat there on the court thinking to myself that this was the end. I have no insurance and I am going to live as a cripple for the rest of my life BUT It turns out that in real life people actually do come to your rescue. It turns out that the news only tells a very small fraction of the truth. It turns out that we take a lot better care of each other than the media actually reports. I'm just saying ...Don't buy into the cynical divisive politics that you see on the news. Their is an agenda behind every story and it has nothing to do with anything other than politics and money. The money is not worth the paper it's printed on and the politics are designed to hide that fact from you. The real value is in people and how we work together to make a better tomorrow. You can only live one day at a time. Think about it. DAMJ

© 2023 by Danny E Jackson. 

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