From the Obamanation to the Trumpsters

Let me just start out by saying I was fooled. I thought that Hillary was going to win this election by a land slide. I thought that all the Democrats were going to march into the New Year with plans to continue on in the spirit of "Yes We Can, Yes We Can" riding on the coat tail of Obama's 2008 campaign. I mean, how could we forget that scene of Barack Obama emerging into view like David Blaine and filling our cups with coins. He spoke with eloquence and class as he made the case for what was the consensus of the time. He spoke directly to our hopes and dreams and not to our fears and nightmares. He inspired like minded people to reach further for excellence and have the audacity of hope.

...8 YEARS LATER.....

Donald Trump wins the presidency, the media is seemingly outed for its bogus reporting and it doesn't look like black lives matter after all. As the saga continues, Donald Trump, the man who perpetuated the birther movement that Hillary started, a vocal adversary and frequent butt of the presidents jokes and a reality star now known for grabbing women by the hoohaah and justifying it with his bank account, Donald Trump is moving into the White house........and the Oscar for best performance in a rigged presidential election goes to none other than the man, Donald Trump!

I must also mention that lingering stench of corruption and scandal that hovered over Hillary's head like Pig Pen in the Charlie Brown series. It was like there was no end to the fuckery being uncovered. The dirt just kept coming and she had no defense. It was like that moment when you walked in on your parents having sex and they tell you that daddy was just helping mommy find something under the bed. It scars you instantly realizing that you'll never un-see what you just matter how hard you try. You look at them differently after that. This could have only contributed to the ultimate demise of those hopes and dreams given you and I by our beloved uniformed media. She was to be our first woman president but alas "you can't always get what you want".

Speaking of the media. They did a real screw job on peoples minds. They literally convinced entire states that Hillary was going to win even though Hillary knew that she wasn't going to win. They put the over lay on to hide the under play in order to promote their candidate. Then they were made. The polls had every fool believing that Hillary was going to win while Trumpsters stayed quiet and counted down the days up to the election. They waited patiently stalking election day in their minds while the Obamanation protested in the streets. There was no shortage of news coverage on African American men being murdered by law enforcement. It made national news every week. Meanwhile, Trumpsters thought to themselves "if black lives matter so much to you then why are you killing yourselves at a such higher rate?". I still haven't seen any coverage addressing that issue. I wonder why? Could it be the media and it's dirty tricks (in my Tupac voice).

Now if you check the record, and I encourage you to do so, you will find that I have always gone on record as being independent. I must also say, the only one who ever stood up to represent me was my single mom, not a politician and I don't remember anyone ever standing up to represent her. So I thought to myself, what an awesome day it would be if my Super Woman finally gets her own representative in the White House. With that being stated I've never been a Democrat but I have swayed toward the demographic on more than one occasion just as I have Republican. I can be liberal and I can be conservative but only in the true sense of those words and not relating to either party. That's also why I differ. I never found pleasure in applying dick where there was no pussy. People seem to place things in a context where it makes no logical sense. I prefer to let the truth be told.

I am neither Democrat or Republican. I am American. That means a lot more to me than standing on either side of the divide. Surviving and thriving is in my DNA. My history is covered in garments stained with the blood of men who fought for my freedom and who survived to survive me. I declare my independence everyday when I wake up because I know who I am. I don't subscribe to the story tellers version of who I should be. I am whoever I say I am PERIOD.


Donald Trump won, America. Now it's time to see who will be the biggest loser. Will it be blacks or immigrants? Will it be women or will it be gays? Or will we as a species get back to extracting our experiences from the physical presence and interactions with others and not predicate our actions on what we see on the television? I think it's up to all of us to improve on America's greatness. I don't think we have to make America great again. I just think we have to remember who we are.

© 2023 by Danny E Jackson. 

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