Life Decisions..

Does it seem like times are getting harder? Are there a lot of things out of your control that seem to be stifling your creativity and ability to express yourself? Does it seem like even though you're practicing your positive mental attitude that it's becoming increasingly more difficult to look on the bright side? If you answered yes to any of these questions then I am here to tell you that you are not alone. In fact you are among good company!

The world we live in today is not for the faint of heart. The environment is sickening in every sense of the word and when I say environment I am not only talking about mother Earth. I am referring to the society in which we live in and the artificial values that we have agreed to accept as our own. I am referring to the sacrifices that we have made, not our own, that have impacted the Earth and peoples who have no need for the superficial things that we have heralded as a sign of man's progression. We are losing the Rain Forrest of the world in the name of palm oil, we are losing the purity of our oceans to synthetic materials that are killing aquatic life and contaminating our fresh water supply while making a select few of billionaires supremely wealthy. While those wealthy people buy air purifiers and water filtration systems for their homes and vehicles, the same common worker drinks the polluted tap water that they cannot afford to filter and breathes the same air they contributed to polluting at their day jobs. We are losing time with our friends and families and missing out on the precious moments in life that make it all worth while. Our work days are getting longer and we are being mistreated more frequently because of the unrealistic demands placed on us by the REAL consumers. Yet we call this progress. As time has gone on we have started to develop illnesses and cancers directly related to being exposed to more stress, unrest and contaminates. Now long behold we cannot afford the insurance to save our own lives and absolved of any responsibility, those same billionaires refuse to pay a little bit more in taxes to provide healthcare and education for their workers and their workers children. They make the argument that they have worked hard to get where they are and that it is unconstitutional to make them pay higher tax rates than the people who don't even make 1000th of their monthly income in a year. Yet these loyal workers will continue to show up 5 days a week and punch in right on time. What am I saying? ...Wake the fuck up America. Nap time is over.

This is not about demonizing the super wealthy. This is about conscious investing and making good decisions. This is about taking back your own mind and seizing every opportunity to improve yourself. In doing so you will be making the right decision for someone else. We're all connected. Every dollar you spend goes toward the sustaining of a company and its ideals. That company pays someones salary which pays for someones life. The decisions that that one person makes with their money makes all the difference in the world. That person is your neighbor, your brother or sister. It is you. It's time for us to make a conscious quantum shift toward the direction of self preservation on a macro scale. You get to decide whether you are going to support company's that sell products that are unhealthy for the environment or whether you are going to support company's that produce products in the most environmentally friendly way possible. You get to decide if you are going to invest in a company that treats it's employees well or a company that has a track record of retaliating on their employees. You get to decide HOW and WHERE you invest.

You are in control. Think of investing in yours and your children's future. When you go to the super market, what are you investing in? What are you really promoting? Diabetes? Cancer? Rest assured that if you aren't impacted by these diseases someone is as a direct result of what they are putting in their bodies.You don't get to decide for them but you get to choose if you are going to promote it. It starts with each person becoming aware of the consequences of their decisions. The more these products are consumed the more they will be produced. Will you choose to eat more fresh vegetables and fruit and add 20 years to your life while teaching your kids those same habits? Will you choose to invest in local farmers markets that sell organic produce? Will you go to the local boutique that provides a living wage and a venue for local artisans to sell their work? Your decisions directly influence the decisions of others.

Choose to be part of a solution today. No matter what it is, it's a start. No longer can we say 'I will do it tomorrow'. Tomorrow was here a week ago and today the rent is due. You CAN make a difference. Did you know that the dollar amount that you normally pay for a 12 pack of your favorite beer could put a warm hat on someones head and a pair of gloves of their hands? Oh the luxury that you have provided someone else by deciding to give up a couple of beers. Imagine the smile that you will get from someone in need when a perfect stranger walks up and heals them of the cold. How does helping others make you feel? Imagine every decision you made had a positive impact not just on you but on someone else. Would that make it worth it? The power is yours. Life is full of values like 1+1=2. Be an addition to someone else's life and in the process you will find that you are adding to your own.

© 2023 by Danny E Jackson. 

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